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Kickboxing is a very physical form of martial arts that focuses on boxing and kicking. Many students in the Mechanicsville area use this discipline to develop overall fitness and fighting abilities, combining cardio, balance and strength for an effective defense method or competitive strategy. The kickboxing class we offer at Richmond Traditional Martial Arts combines high levels of energy with tested techniques to provide you with skills you might use against any real life opponent.

Our Students Enjoy Many Overall Health Benefits

This martial arts discipline offers a number of important health benefits. Our students enjoy the following:

  • Cardiovascular endurance: Your heart pumps oxygen to your muscles, and this directly affects your ability to develop overall fitness. As you work your heart muscle during lessons at our kickboxing studio, you could be adding extra years to your life.
  • Improved coordination: This is your ability to transition smoothly through a variety of movements. You need coordination for daily activities, such as walking and eating, as well as for more complex movements, including playing sports or defending yourself.
  • Strengthened muscles: Strong, healthy muscles allow you to feel confident during your day. They give you the ability to perform everyday tasks and help you to maintain a lower percentage of body fat. You’ll find that honed muscles give you the ability to move gracefully even when under stress.

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What are you looking for from your study of the Kickboxing? Whether you want to develop an effective means of defending yourself or gain familiarity with a discipline that affects your overall health, visit Richmond Traditional Martial Arts to get started. Students in Mechanicsville, Hanover and Richmond can enroll in martial arts classes for improved health or sign up for self-defense lessons. Reserve your place in a class by calling 804-730-0905.