Life Lessons Taught Through Martial Arts

Today’s martial arts dojos are about more than giving students self-defense skills. Martial arts concentrates on centering both body and mind with essential techniques that are as useful in the boardroom as they are in the classroom.

  • Movement – Martial arts is about artistry as much as it is about combat. Like its counterpart yoga, martial arts teaches students about stance and position, many of which rely on having proper form that starts at the body’s core.
  • Mindfulness – The mind is always at the center of martial arts. Whether it involves being aware of when a strike is approaching or being aware of one’s own heartrate and breathing, studying martial arts is a practice in presence.
  • Meditation – Meditation is the act of bringing body and mind into harmony with one another. It also removes outside distractions, allowing one to objectively focus.
  • Motivation – When learning any skill, a process of error is involved. Many artists, athletes and inventors have said that they have failed as many times as they’ve succeeded. The difference between them and others is not only did they turn failure into feedback, but they also kept trying.
  • Martial arts has been known more recently for the discipline it brings to those who practice it. For more on martial arts, call Richmond Traditional Martial Arts.