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Tai chi is often recognized as a defensive martial art with healing properties. At Richmond Traditional Martial Arts, located in Mechanicsville, we focus our teaching on bringing balance to our lives. Our tai chi class introduces the ancient Chinese philosophy of “taiji,” recognizing the human connection to the natural world. During lessons, our students will learn to apply the principles of qi gong as they transition through slow, deliberate movements.

The Three Components of Qi Gong

At our tai chi studio, you will become familiar with three basic components of the art: movement, meditation and deep breathing. As you move through each stance, you’ll focus on maintaining proper body alignment and you’ll learn to balance the opposing forces that exist within your inner self. As you move smoothly through your routine, you’ll have the opportunity to concentrate on keeping your mind calm and alert.

Our Guiding Core Philosophy for Classes

The core philosophy of qi gong is that the opposites – the yin and the yang – should be kept in balance. Your daily routine can twist and pull you in many directions. Our classes will help you bring your life back to a state of equilibrium with the gentle, smooth persuasion of this ancient art. Lasting health is achieved by finding and protecting this balance. This area of martial arts has many benefits that aid such stability, including:

  • Improved Body Control And Flexibility
  • Reduced Stress
  • Raised Awareness
  • Relief From Pain, Such As Arthritic Aching
  • More Restful Sleep
  • Increased Overall Wellness

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Bring balance, strength and flexibility to your life by enrolling in a class with Richmond Traditional Martial Arts in Mechanicsville, Richmond and Hanover. Consider enrolling in karate lessons for even more fitness. You can call us at 804-730-0905.